Lash and brow tinting

The Finnish traditional hair type is light and delicate, so tinting makes lashes and eyebrows appear spectacularly, without make-up.

The result of tinting eyelashes and eyebrows depends on e.g. the colors used, the purity of the hair to be dyed and the effect time of the color. If possible, please remove your make-up before your appointment, so removing make-up will take no extra time. The rule of thumb in choosing a shade is to pick a shade that is slightly darker than desired. This means that the actual result will only show 1–2 days after tinting, but the shade will remain correct for a little longer.

The age limit for permanent tinting is 16 years.

Why choose permanent lash and brow tint?

Many Finns have pale, thin hairs, and permanent tint makes even the palest lashes and brows show up beautifully without makeup.

Shaping and tinting brows

When applying permanent tint to lashes and eyebrows, it is good to keep in mind that the end result is always much darker immediately after tinting. For this reason, eyebrows that look “scarily dark” usually remain so only for a short while. The dye that has become attached to the skin may make the end result seem wild sometimes, but as a secretory organ, the skin usually pushes the remaining dye out of the pores within 12–24 h of tinting. After this, the colour settles to the actual level of darkness after tinting.

How dark are permanently tinted lashes and brows?

The end result of a permanent lash and brow tint depends on factors such as the dyes used, how clean the hair being tinted is and the length of the dye application period. In fact, you should always come to get a permanent tint without any makeup, if possible, to ensure that no extra time is spent on removing makeup. Using an oil-based makeup remover leaves an impenetrable film on the hairs. In that case, the permanent tint adheres to the hair poorly or not at all.

How dark lashes and brows can you get with a permanent tint?

If you want the end result to be as dark as possible, you should know that the oxidation reaction caused in the dye by the colouring agent and hydrogen peroxide ends after 10 minutes. This is why the maximum application period for permanent tint is 10 minutes. You cannot get a darker end result by allowing the dye to sit on the brows or lashes for longer. A longer application period only means that the dye will dry in place; exceeding the application period does not make the colour any darker.

Permanent tints at Fenix Beauty Academy?

We use the colours from the YUMI Lashes brand; their pigment and staying power have been highly praised by professionals. There are five different shades available: blue black and black are usually used on lashes, while deep and light brown as well as graphite are typically mixed and used on brows.

How to choose a shade for permanent brow tint?

The rule of thumb in choosing a shade is to pick a shade that is slightly darker than desired. This means that the actual result will only show 1–2 days after tinting, but the shade will remain correct for a little longer.

How often should you get a permanent tint?

Permanent tints should be refreshed once per month to maintain a groomed look. The colour will fade from lashes in 3–4 weeks. This is a bit longer than for brows, from which the colour will typically fade in three or sometimes just two weeks.

Can I get really stunning lashes and brows?

You can get especially gorgeous lashes with a lash lift. As for brows, you can increase volume with brow lamination.
Both treatments are applied to natural lashes or brows, and no extensions or separate parts are glued to your own hairs.

Is there an age limit for permanent lash and brow tint?

Yes. Permanent tint is available only to customers who are 16 years or older.

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