Terms of service:

By making an appointment, you accept the terms and conditions of work performed by students.

Student work
You have made an appointment with a student at Fenix Beauty Academy. This means the person performing the work is doing so in a training capacity, as part of an individual apprenticeship or studies for a degree or qualification.

When work is done by a student, it is a learning situation, not a professional beauty treatment.

The student carrying out the treatment is always sufficiently informed about the treatment at hand and always works under the guidance of an experienced professional.

Student work is always about the development of the future beauty professional’s skills, which need routine for perfection.

The same quality or time management cannot be demanded of student work as of professional work.

In return, the client gets the treatment of choice at a considerably reduced rate.

The procedure requires mutual patience and cooperation. The result of the procedure may differ from the plan.

Student work treatment facilities
Beauty treatment provided as a student work is always a learning occasion. Student treatments are mainly carried out in a bigger treatment room reserved for student use. The student treatment room has four treatment beds and thus other clients are always present.

There are no separate, closed, intimate treatment rooms reserved for student treatments, as the student must be able to interact with the instructor continuously throughout the treatment, if necessary.

During student treatment, it is possible to hear a silent discussion or work supervision from the other treatment beds. In return for the learning situation, the client receives the treatment of their choice at a remarkably affordable price.

If you want absolute peace and privacy during your own treatment, we do not recommend booking affordable student work treatment at all.

Reserve sufficient time for a student treatment
A procedure may be longer or shorter than that done by a professional. Be prepared to be flexible in one way or the other regarding time.
Feedback and refunds
You can contact us with feedback about the result of your treatment. We respond to all feedback individually, as receiving and dealing with feedback is also part of the student’s learning process. We do not give discounts or refunds for student treatments.

We only handle all complaints in writing. We ask that you send your feedback to palaute@kauneuskeskusfenix.fi.

The Consumer Protection Act obliges the customer to complain about the defect to the seller without delay and to show that the defect has occurred.

The seller has the obligation to correct the defect within a reasonable time and at the same time the right to correct the defect without delay. You can reserve a repair period within seven business days and the error will be corrected within the next five business days. Subsequent bookings will not be considered as a correction of the error.

Correction of a defect only means correcting an existing, recently performed faulty service without delay. Receiving a gift card or the next visit free of charge is no longer a correction of the current defect.

If the service has elapsed for the normal amount of time, ie when the service should have been renewed within the elapsed time in any case, the defect occurred the previous time is not a justification for not charging a new visit. Defect  correction does not mean services “two for the price of one.”

According to the Consumer Protection Act, the correction of a defect within a reasonable time by the seller is always the primary option in defect liability matters. If you refuse to correct the error, you also waive your right to complain.

If the error has been corrected elsewhere before we have been able to detect it, we will not be liable for the costs unless agreed with us in advance.

Any deviations in quality and time are taken into account in the price of a student appointment.

Treatments carried out by students cost about 50% less than the prices for those carried out by professionals as stated on the price list. The price of student appointments covers essential supplies and costs.

Changing, canceling, and not using the allotted time
All possible changes or cancellations of treatment times must be made no later than 24 hours before your booked appointment time. We charge the price of the reserved service for appointments left unused or uncanceled.Please note that all appointments made within 24 hours are binding.

If you are late for your booked time, you will still be charged the full price of the service.

In cases of sudden illness, the booking can be rescheduled once free of charge. Appointment time postponed due to a sudden illness can no longer be postponed or canceled free of charge.

Please be sure to read the preparation instructions carefully prior to your appointment. Some of the treatments require advance preparation to ensure the best possible result.

Please also pay attention to the home care instructions. We warmly recommend following the home care instructions in order to continue the effects of the achieved treatment result for as long as possible even after the visit to the salon.

Use of the reserved appointment time
Our pricing is based not only on the service to be performed, but also on the time reserved for it, the room reserved for it, and the student reserved for it.

Appointment, eg 60 min, means the total time reserved for the visit. The student then has at most this amount of time available to complete the work.

For example, the 60 min time allotted to the customer includes arrival at the salon, undressing, dressing, cash operations and possible booking of a new appointment. Please note that the reserved treatment time always includes all the above functions. Thus, in the “60 min massage” treatment, the time spent on the massage itself is never a full 60 minutes.

Validity of gift cards
Our gift cards are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Gift cards sold in December are valid for 9 months.

Gift cards can only be found in our system with the serial number marked on the gift card. The gift card cannot be used for payment if the gift card is lost. Gift cards cannot be found in our checkout system in the recipient’s name.

The recipient of a gift card is free to use his or her gift card for any purchase of services and products, regardless of the service for which the gift card is primarily purchased.

Allergies and sensitization reactions
All beauty care treatments performed at the Fenix Beauty Academy ​​is ​​performed by the customer himself, with the customer’s permission and at the customer’s own risk.

As trained beauty professionals, we do all work with the safest professional products possible, relying on information provided by the customer regarding allergies, sensitizations or other previous reactions to other products, substances or treatments used.

All the products we use are cosmetics, ie chemicals, and all chemicals in contact with the skin can cause a sensitivity or allergic reaction in humans. All chemicals are foreign substances to the human body and each body reacts to them differently. In the event of an allergic reaction, depending on the symptoms, seek medical attention or, in milder cases, at least consult a pharmacist regarding allergy medication.

A person can be allergic to anything. Allergenic or sensitizing chemicals can be e.g. skin cosmetics (detergents, creams, serums), laundry detergents, hair cosmetics (detergents, care and styling products), oral hygiene products, make-up, perfumes, etc. If sensitized to one substance – sensitized to a thousand others. An allergen is always a raw material contained in a product, not the product itself. Thus, an allergic reaction is caused by any product that contains that allergenic raw material.

Allergies and sensitivities are not visible on top, and allergic reactions cannot be predicted. If an allergic reaction occurs, it is not the fault of the author or the work done. The cause of an allergy is a raw material contained in a product used in the work that is not exactly suitable for the customer’s skin. This cannot be known in advance or predicted and thus cannot be prevented from happening either. Allergy is an inappropriate immunological or control reaction of the body against environmental substances. A beauty professional cannot be held responsible for this.

All chemicals carry the risk of an allergic reaction and as a customer you consciously take that risk. For the reasons mentioned above, an allergic reaction is not a factor justifying a complaint or marketing.

By making an appointment to a student work service, you accept the terms and conditions of work performed by students.

Opiskelijat ovat siirtyneet viettämään koulujen lukuvuosiaikataulun mukaista kesälomaa ja palaavat työssäoppimisjaksoilleen jälleen elokuun alkupuolella.

Mikäli opiskelijahoitolan lahjakorttinne vanhenee kesä-heinäkuun aikana, olettehan yhteydessä asiakaspalveluumme puhelimitse 050 540 6544 tai sähköpostitse info@fenixbeautyacademy.fi

The students are on their summer holidays, as part of the school semester schedule, and they will return to their training periods again in early August.

If your student salon gift card expires during the June-July period, please contact our customer service team on 050 540 6544 or email info@fenixbeautyacademy.fi