Affordable facials

The core of our “traditional” facials is the pampering facial; adding different elements results in a full facial, a Luxury facial or a Cinderella facial.

The treatment is always tailored to the type of skin and its requirements, which means that it is suitable for everyone and all ages.

Pampering facial

The only difference between a pampering facial and a full facial is the lack of cleansing.

Includes: initial cleansing, exfoliation, brow shaping, facial massage, mask, serums and care creams.

Full facial

Our most popular facial that includes everything needed to take care of your skin.

Includes: initial cleansing, exfoliation, cleansing (mechanically OR with ultrasound) OR diamond microdermabrasion, brow shaping, facial massage, mask, serums and care creams.

Luxury facial

The longer and more indulgent version of the full facial.

In addition to everything included in the pampering facial, cleansing or diamond microdermabrasion, a relaxing back massage, eye treatment.

Cinderella facial

The most complete pampering and relaxing facial, during which the Cinderella becomes a Princess.

In addition to everything included in the pampering facial, cleansing or diamond microdermabrasion, a relaxing back massage, permanent lash and brow tint, eye treatment, a serum suited to your skin’s needs and a special mask.

Skin cleansing

Ultrasound cleansing is a gentle and painless cleansing method that removes dead cells and impurities from the skin, leaving it fresh, clear and velvety smooth.

Ultrasound cleansing is a modern and comprehensive method for painless exfoliation and deep cleansing that does not leave marks.

Diamond microdermabrasion

Diamond microdermabrasion offers a simple way to renew the skin without surgical procedures.

The treatment uses sterile diamond tips to exfoliate the skin. The impurities and dead cells that have been released from the skin are simultaneously vacuumed off. We recommended the treatment in series of 4–10 sessions depending on the skin issue. Diamond microdermabrasion during the summer requires using sunscreen with a protection factor at least SPF 50 for a minimum of two weeks after the treatment. Even relatively few diamond microdermabrasion treatments combined with the appropriate skin care products help to restore the normal nutrient balance, improve cellular metabolism and promote the overall health of the skin. Healthy, clear and beautiful skin can be achieved with microdermabrasion.

Eye contour treatment

Eye contour treatment is a perfect addition to any facial.

Eye contour treatment pampers, softens and moisturizes the eye contour area very gently, with massage and mask.

How do I choose the right facial?

You do not need to hesitate to reserve an appointment for a facial; in fact, why not start with our full facial? You can then begin your appointment by consulting the cosmetologist doing your treatment and choosing the facial that suits you best with based on what your skin looks like right now and your cosmetologist’s recommendations. The longest treatment is not always the most effective. The most effective treatment often come in compact packages.

  • Which facial is the best choice for me?
  • Can a facial help with scars, acne, pigmentation issues or wrinkles?
  • Can I become allergic to your skin care products?
  • Do the facials have side effects and do they cause skin reactions?

You can find answers to these and many other questions about facials on our page with information on facials.