Fenix Beauty Academy — an affordable, modern student salon in central Helsinki

Fenix Beauty Center, with its strong reputation, is a pioneer in beauty treatment, and it has now harnessed that pioneering spirit for the joy and benefit of future generations. We want to ensure that top beauty professionals with a deep commitment to customer service continue to serve the sector. Our student salon offers the familiar modern techniques and welcoming atmosphere customers know and love from our Fenix Beauty Centers. The first difference the customer sees is in the price, followed by a slightly longer treatment, allowing the customer to get to know the student and the instructor.

Our student salon in Kamppi, central Helsinki, offers a comprehensive range of affordable salon treatments performed by future cosmetologists.

So, make an appointment and take some time to pamper yourself: you’ll be giving a professional of the future important experience!

Our services

As a client of Fenix Beauty Academy, you support the future professionals’ skills and enjoy lower prices on beauty treatments given by students.

Opiskelijat ovat siirtyneet viettämään koulujen lukuvuosiaikataulun mukaista kesälomaa ja palaavat työssäoppimisjaksoilleen jälleen elokuun alkupuolella.

Mikäli opiskelijahoitolan lahjakorttinne vanhenee kesä-heinäkuun aikana, olettehan yhteydessä asiakaspalveluumme puhelimitse 050 540 6544 tai sähköpostitse info@fenixbeautyacademy.fi

The students are on their summer holidays, as part of the school semester schedule, and they will return to their training periods again in early August.

If your student salon gift card expires during the June-July period, please contact our customer service team on 050 540 6544 or email info@fenixbeautyacademy.fi