Affordable body sugaring

In body sugaring, sugar combined with the right technique make it possible to remove not just hairs, but also dead skin cells gently, yet effectively. The result is hairless, soft, silky and healthy skin.

Sugaring is an excellent choice for hair removal in e.g. the bikini zone, legs, thighs, armpits, arms, the face, the genital area and eyebrows.

What does sugaring mean?

Sugaring refers to a method that makes it possible to remove even the shortest hairs from all over the body, even the most sensitive areas and sweetly with sugar. The skin will not become red, and it will feel very smooth. The treatment is suitable for both men and women.

The sugar exfoliates the skin and makes it soft

Sugaring is also an excellent exfoliation method for the body, and it makes the skin feel silky smooth. The sugar helps the hair to “pop out” of the follicle without damaging the skin. Sugar is an environmentally friendly, water soluble and safe way of removing hair.

Where can sugaring be used?

Sugaring is at its best on small, tender and sensitive areas of the skin, such as armpits and the bikini zone, and in a Brazilian hair removal. Even in larger areas (legs, thighs, arms, back), sugaring is a gentle and effective way of removing unwanted hairs.

How long should the hair be before coming to a treatment?

The necessary hair length is approximately 5 mm or longer, which means that the hair has enough surface for the sugar to adhere to, which allows the hair to come out on the first try. The hair can never be too long. Long hair can be shortened to a convenient length for removal at the salon in a jiffy, so you can rest easy and come in for a hair removal completely “au naturel”. You could say that the rule of thumb is that long hair is better than short, because long hair can easily be made shorter, but it is hard (and painful) to try to get something out of nothing!

The pricing of sugaring

The pricing of sugaring is based on the work done, the time and room reserved for the purpose, as well as the professional doing the treatment.

Time reserved for sugaring

A reservation of e.g. 45 min. means that the technician has this much time available to complete the treatment. A time slot of 45 min. has been reserved for the customer, which includes undressing and dressing, payment, and reserving a potential new appointment.

Will sugaring take up the whole time reserved for the treatment?

It most likely will not take that long. The cosmetologist does not need to use the full 45 minutes reserved for hair removal; 45 minutes is the time during which the cosmetologist needs to complete the reserved treatment. This means that while the cosmetologist will complete all stages of hair removal carefully, aiming at the best possible end result, the cosmetologist is not obliged to use all of the time reserved. Certainly no one wants for the hair removal to take any longer than it actually does!

Can you get a faster sugaring cheaper?

A skilled and experienced cosmetologist can most likely finish the hair removal faster than average, but this does not affect the price of the work done. After all, while the same amount of work needs to be done on the area being sugared, a skilled cosmetologist can simply do it faster than a less experienced one. The professional excellence of the sugaring technician will by no means reduce the price of the procedure.

Can I ask for the sugaring of other areas to be included in the same price?

Even if there should be extra time left, the cosmetologist will not carry out the sugaring of other areas at the same price. As noted above, the sugaring is not measured in minutes; the pricing is based on the area treated. Of course, if there is enough extra time left after finishing your legs, you can always ask the cosmetologist to sugar other areas such as your armpits during the same appointment. However, the treatment of those other areas will always be charged separately.

Why will I not get sugaring during the whole appointment at the same price?

An appointment with the cosmetologist is similar to a doctor’s appointment. A doctor always reserves at least 20 minutes for each patient. But if the doctor happens to diagnose the illness in just two minutes, you still cannot get the visit at a cheaper price than if the doctor had spent the entire 20 minutes on the diagnosis. In this case, too, 20 minutes is the maximum time that the doctor has available for examining each patient. The patient will not get a refund for any minutes that were not needed, and no other procedures will be carried out at the same price even if there is some time left over.

Benefits of sugaring (vs. waxing)
  • Sugar is a pure and 100% natural product. (Wax consists of several different ingredients.)
  • Sugar can be used to remove very short hairs, even less than 2 mm (e.g. on the face). The best length for hair removal is 5 mm or longer, however. (When using wax, the hair must be longer.)
  • Sugar does not adhere to living skin cells. It only adheres to dead cells and hair. This means that sugaring is gentler and more painless. (Wax also adheres to living skin cells, and it may cause damage more easily in the hands of inexperienced users.)
  • Sugar does not break hairs. (With wax, hairs break more easily.)
  • In sugaring, the hairs are removed following their natural direction of growth, which ensures that they do not break and no ingrown hairs are created. (In waxing, hairs are removed against their natural direction of growth, which means that they break more easily and do not come off with their roots.)
  • The sugar is not hot. It will not burn the skin or cause scars, because the sugar is used at room temperature. (Wax is much hotter than sugar.)
  • Sugar does not cause a mess. In sugaring, customers do not feel sticky after the treatment; instead, the feeling afterwards is clean and pleasant. (Wax is not water soluble, which makes it more difficult to remove from the skin than sugar.)
  • Sugar is hygienic.
  • Sugaring can permanently reduce the amount of hair.
  • Sugaring allows gentler hair removal even in the most intimate areas. (Waxing, especially in intimate areas, is slower and more painful than sugaring.)

Home care instructions after sugaring

  • Avoid exercise and going to the sauna (sweating) for 12 hours.
  • If your armpit hair has been removed, avoid using deodorant for 12 hours.
  • If your facial hair has been removed, avoid using makeup that would clog the pores for 12 hours.
  • Remember to avoid the sun (or solarium) on the same day and protect the skin from the sun on the following day.
  • Remember to moisturise and exfoliate your skin regularly; this helps you prevent ingrown hairs effectively.
  • Do not scratch or rub the skin after the treatment.
  • Avoid tight clothing that would cause rubbing immediately after treatment.
Can I mess up sugaring in any way?

You can only get an unsatisfactory result by coming to the treatment with hair that is too short. If the hair being removed is too short, it cannot be removed completely from the follicle. This means that sugaring will take longer, hurt more and the result will still not be silky smooth.

So do not be too shy and try to neaten things up beforehand; just come as you are, even if your leg hair looks like a thicket. Fear not: we have already seen bushier leg hair and longer armpit hair than yours 😉

Will sugaring hurt?

Hair removal is always done as quickly and painlessly as possible. Naturally, the hair coming out with its root will sting a little, but it will not cause actual pain. After sugaring, the skin will not be tender or sensitive in any way. Long-term, regular sugaring also makes the hair so thin and sparse that the procedure will eventually become practically painless.

How quickly will the hair grow back after sugaring?

There is no simple answer to this question.

In sugaring, all hairs visible on the surface of the skin are removed. Under the surface of the skin, a new hair is already growing in each follicle. The hairs under the surface are all in different growth phases.

The speed of hair regrowth depends on the growth phase of each new hair under the surface. If the hair has just started growing at the bottom of the follicle, it will take four weeks to reach the surface of the skin. But if the hair has grown long enough to reach almost to the surface, it will push through the skin in only a few days.

The hairs will grow back here and there, sparsely and slowly over the following weeks. In sugaring, the hair has been removed from the follicle, which means that it will take longer for it to grow back than when it has been shaved off. The hairs will not grow back as itchy stubble after sugaring, either.

Will the hair growth stop completely at some point?

If sugaring is done regularly, hair growth is reduced over time and the hairs become softer. The average removal interval is approximately 4–6 weeks.

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