Facial info

“Which facial is the best choice for me? I am XX years old and I have dry / oily / aged skin and pimples / blackheads / scars / milia / pigmentation issues / lines / wrinkles. Which facial would you recommend for me?”


It is not really possible to recommend a specific facial to anyone via telephone or email, because only the cosmetologist in charge of your treatment can choose the best option after having seen your skin. As a general treatment, however, we can recommend a full facial that includes initial cleansing, exfoliation, the actual cleansing or diamond microdermabrasion, facial massage and a mask. It is always a good choice, and you can get pretty much anything done within its options and time limits, including changing to a different treatment on the fly, if that is what the skin needs. But as noted above, the facial that suits your needs the best can only be determined after your cosmetologist sees you in person.

Concerning scars:

There is no absolutely certain method for removing scars. No treatment can promise to erase scars completely. It is possible to try to sand down, lower and smooth out scars, and diamond microdermabrasion or a chemical peel will certainly not make the scars any worse. But it is impossible say for certain that those or any other treatments will remove scars. Diamond microdermabrasion and chemical peeling definitely have a beneficial effect on scars, but no one can say for sure in advance how radical of a difference they will make. The fresher the scar is when treated, the better chances of improving healing.

On pigmentation issues, acne, impurities, wrinkles and lines:

Exactly the same laws also apply to pigmentation issues, acne, milia and other impurities, lines and wrinkles included. We have a vast variety of different treatments, some extremely effective. But the only way to see how they work with your unique and individual skin is by trying out the treatments, often as a series.

A word on skin care at home and home care products:

You can compare skin care at home to jogging: if you go jogging 1–2 times a year, you cannot expect to get any results in improving your fitness or firming up your body, because you naturally understand the importance of regular exercise. You can only get results by jogging regularly. You could also compare skin care to dental care: you know that if you go to the dentist 1–2 times a year but do not take care of your teeth during the rest of the year, your teeth will not stay healthy with such treatment. You need to brush your teeth twice a day, every day, otherwise the neglect will quickly show in the state of your teeth.

This same rule applies to skin care: effective daily home care, morning and night, with the right products, gives you the best results. In that case, facials are a good addition, but they are no miracle cure that can save a skin that does not receive other care. If necessary, we will give you written home care product recommendations right at your first treatment session, so you should not – and you do not need to – wander around the toiletry aisle trying to pick products alone at random. You will definitely get everything you need from us in addition to professional guidance. This is why you should listen to cosmetologists! They genuinely think about what is best for your skin.

In conclusion:

You do not need to hesitate to reserve an appointment for a facial; in fact, why not start with our full facial? You can then begin your appointment by consulting the cosmetologist doing your treatment and choosing the facial that suits you best with based on what your skin looks like right now and your cosmetologist’s recommendations.

A facial is not a magical cure

Regarding facials, you should keep in mind that lines, wrinkles, impurities, scars, liver spots and other imperfections and unevenness of the skin do not appear overnight. This means that they cannot be erased in the blink of an eye, either, if ever.

Lines and wrinkles are a part of the ageing process. You can try to slow down their appearance, but you cannot prevent it. The most important thing about signs of ageing is preventing their appearance, and regular skin care using good products will help with this. If you have always chosen to enjoy feeling the sun on your skin without the appropriate protection factors, the light-induced ageing of your skin will happen quickly and surely. The sun can also easily cause different kinds of pigmentation issues such as hyperpigmentation, commonly known as liver spots. Cosmetologists cannot correct these issues once they have occurred. The sun is the number one cause of skin ageing, and the effects of the sun on the skin cannot be reversed by facials.

The purpose of skin is to secrete sebum that lubricates the skin, ensuring that it is supple and water-repellent. The skin secretes sebum constantly, and no matter how much you care for and cleanse the skin, the pores always contain a smaller or larger amount of sebum. The sebum protects the skin, which in turn protects your whole system. Sebaceous and sweat glands also remove waste products from your skin. No facial or cleansing can remove all sebum or all blackheads from the skin. The face has hundreds of thousands of pores. It is not possible to empty them 100% during a single facial. This means that the success of the treatment cannot be measured on whether there is sebum or blackheads still visible in a magnifying mirror after a facial. The answer will always be yes.

A facial is not a miracle cure that would magically erase the signs of the life you have lived from your skin, or stop the normal skin functions in the name of cleansing. Due to the reasons listed above, lines or blackheads on the skin after a facial do not give you the right to a refund or cancellation of sale.

On allergies and sensitisation reactions

All  beauty treatments done at Fenix Beauty Academy are done based on the customer’s personal order, with the customer’s permission and on the customer’s own responsibility.

As trained hair and beauty professionals, we carry out all work using professional products that are as safe as possible, trusting the information provided by the customer on allergies, sensitivities, and any other products, substances or treatments that may have previously caused a reaction.

All products we use are cosmetics, i.e. chemicals, and all chemicals that come in contact with the skin may cause a sensitivity or allergic reaction in humans. All chemicals are foreign substances to the human body, and each body reacts to them in a different way. In the event of an allergic reaction, depending on the symptoms, you must seek medical care or in milder cases, at least consult the staff of a pharmacy concerning allergy medication.

People may be allergic to anything and everything. Allergenic or sensitising chemicals may include cosmetics intended for use on the skin (cleansers, creams, serums), laundry detergents, cosmetics intended for use on the hair (washing, conditioning and styling products) oral hygiene products, makeup, perfumes, etc. If you have become sensitised to one substance, you have become sensitised to a thousand others. An allergenic substance always refers to a raw ingredient contained by the product, not the product itself. This means that all products that contain the allergenic raw ingredient will cause an allergic reaction.

You cannot tell if someone has an allergy or a sensitivity by looking, and you cannot predict an allergic reaction. If you have an allergic reaction, this is not the fault of the work done or the person who did the work. The cause of an allergy is a raw ingredient in one of the products used in the work that is not suitable for the customer’s skin. It is not possible to know or predict this in advance, which also makes it impossible to prevent. In allergies, the body has an inappropriate immunological or rejection reaction against a substance in the environment. Hair and beauty professionals cannot be held responsible for them.

All chemicals carry the risk of an allergic reaction, and as a customer, you are aware of taking this risk. For the reasons listed above, an allergic reaction does not give you the right to cancel the sale.